Impacted Canines

What are Impacted Canines?

Impacted canine teeth can have a serious effect on your child’s self-esteem and confidence. Canines are often one of the last permanent teeth to come through the gums and they may become impacted. This can cause them to come through the gums at harsh angles, causing severe overcrowding. In some cases, the impacted canines can develop infections and cause inflammation and pain.

Why is treatment of Impacted Canines needed?

When left untreated, impacted canines can either cause issues with infection and inflammation or they may come in at harsh, difficult angles. This can cause problems with overcrowding, causing the need for extensive orthodontic work. We provide treatment of impacted canines and can improve the look and feel of your child’s smile.

What makes you a good candidate for treatment of Impacted Canines?

Most children who have impacted canines are good candidates for treatment. The earlier that treatment is started, the better the results and outcome. This helps your child to have a straight, full smile without the problems associated with impacted canines. Treatment of canines often involves surgical and orthodontic care.

What can be expected during treatment of Impacted Canines?

You and your child will first come into our office for a consultation. Treatment typically involves exposing the impacted canines by making a small incision into the roof of the mouth or the gums, depending on where the canines are positioned. A brace may be used to gently pull and position the canines out of the gums so that they are allowed to come in correctly. If the impacted canines are unnecessary and if your child has extra teeth, they may be extracted fully from the mouth. Treatment will be discussed during your child’s consultation appointment and can be helpful for adults who may need treatment of impacted canines as well.

If you or a child has impacted canine teeth and you’d like to learn more about treatment options, call our office today and our helpful staff members will be happy to further assist you.