How To Choose A Toothbrush?

How To Choose A Toothbrush?

June 18, 2024

To take good care of your teeth, it is advisable to brush your teeth two times a day within 2 minutes. The manual toothbrush is sufficient if you know how to brush your teeth. The choice of the toothbrush is not so easy considering many models available on the market: manual toothbrush, electric, cross-bristle, swivel head.

Keep better overall health

Oral health is very important because it is directly related to the general health of the body. Indeed, many types of diseases can be caused by aggravated oral health, especially if they are diseases that affect the nerves that are directly related to the nerve endings of the whole body, starting with the eyes, ears, heart, brain, etc.

A manual toothbrush, what type of hair to choose?

The manual brush is suitable for those who know how to brush their teeth by making roller movements by starting the gum to the teeth during the 2 minutes recommended. The advantage of this model is its particularly low price compared to an electric toothbrush. The brush works without a battery. The practical accessory can be carried easily while traveling. Regarding the effectiveness of brushing, the electric toothbrush wins hands down. People who do not have a particular pathology can use soft brushes with a very fine filament diameter of around 20 cm in millimeters (useful information for connoisseurs). By choosing toothbrushes with hard bristles,

Criteria for choosing a toothbrush

The shape of the hair and its hardness are important criteria when you want to choose your toothbrush. It is recommended to take a toothbrush with soft bristles, avoid as much as possible to use brushes having too hard bristles or medium hairs because they are considered too aggressive. For optimal toothbrushing, the bristles of the toothbrush must intersect at the inter-dental spaces to eliminate plaque. Using a brush with a hair too stiff does not allow this delicate operation.

What about the new generation’s toothbrushes?

Oral health experts say that the electric toothbrush removes 2.5 to 5 times more dental plaque than the use of a manual brush. This toothbrush model also facilitates access to normally hard-to-reach areas. Several models are equipped with a timer to respect the recommended 2 minutes of brushing. For even more effective tooth brushing, use sonic toothbrushes. The latter makes about 35,000 movements/minute. The connected toothbrush allows you to collect on your Smartphone several information to improve your teeth brushing: duration of brushing, cleaned area, pressures exerted, amount of removed plates.

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