3d-Imaging Guided Implant Placement

Patients, interested in having implant placement ask how it is possible that we can surgically replace all of their missing teeth in only a day. Computer-guided surgical technology and three dimensional CAT scan imaging makes it possible for our oral surgeons and your restorative dentist to plan and coordinate much of your treatment prior to the day of the surgery. The technique leads to a better aesthetic and functional outcome with the optimal patient satisfaction.

The Advantages of 3D Imaging:

  • Safer and more accurate than traditional implant surgeries, increasing the reliability of dental implant treatment.
  • Our oral surgeons are provided with the ability to see the exact position and condition of critical structures, including the nerves, adjacent tooth roots and sinus cavities, before surgery which reduces the risk of surgical complications.
  • Bone quality and quantity can also be more accurately assessed during the planning phase, leading to increased dental implant success rates.
  • Faster, less invasive and more comfortable procedure for our patients.
  • Implants are easily placed with smaller incisions providing less pain during and after surgery which also leads to less risk of infection.
  • Virtual modes used during the planning phase allow patients to see the predicted results.

Excellence Defined

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  • State-of-the-Art Technology
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  • 60 Years of Combined Experience